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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Canticle Rehearsals

So this is a busy week - when is it ever not - rehearsing the Canticles for our Little Angel show, getting together the video together for last week's extract of Cocteau in the Underworld at the Royal Opera House (it's going to be used in a lecture on technology in opera or some such) and a million and one meetings for Otieno. Excitingly we're having a read-through of Otieno this afternoon - not that we have a full cast yet, but it will be great to hear the thing read aloud, even if not by the same actors who'll actually be in it. And our stage manager's been out this morning raiding a major props store for Otieno.

Getting really excited, and a bit nervous about the Canticles on Saturday night - the singers are amazing but the music is fiendishly difficult and making them learn it off by heart as well as operating puppets at the same time is a big ask. Hopefully they won't hate me by the time it's all over - it is a very beautiful thing to see hulking great opera singers operate duch delicate puppets. And the music still makes me cry particularly Canticle One - My Beloved is Mine - a very last minute addition that we're doing a work-in-progress showing of. Finger's crossed for Saturday.

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