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Thursday, 24 February 2011


We've been really lucky over the years with the amazing support we've received from both venues and individuals and this year looks like our best yet. We're forging a really exciting relationship with Jacksons Lane who are supporting us with our forays into circus with Sexing the Cherry and Points of Light, and now also possibly jumping on The Man with The Flower in His Mouth band waggon. And the Southbank Centre are still behind us - programming Sexing The Cherry for their Literature Festival - on the back of the sell-out success of last year's Waiting. Oxford Playhouse too have been great supporters of Metta ever since we started the company back in 2005 - they programmed our first show, when we were still students. And as well as booking one of our 2007 productions they've now taken Flower Man for a week as part of our UK tour and we've several other collaborations with them to look forward to over the next two years.

On a more personal level we like support from each-other. We're a pretty small team here at Metta HQ and it's safe to say there's never enough money or enough people not to always feel stretched. But we're never stretched to breaking point because there's always a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold, somewhere in the Metta family.

At Devoted & Disgruntled, back in January, there was a lot of discussion about how larger companies and venues can help smaller ones - and indeed it's something the Arts Council are hot on at the moment. So lets keep making friends with the big kids and if we play nice maybe they'll keep sharing their toys.

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